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I've been asked by Barkdorf and Dogman to do a pup lifestyle blog. As you may or may not know, Barkdorf and Dogman style plays on Hype fashion. What is Hype Fashion? Well, that is what I will write about with a very layman fashion approach. I was with Nordstrom for 15 years and grew up on a steady diet of Vogue magazine from a mom that brought on each fall season as a pass to buy a new Pendleton suit! This was long before Pendleton was cool with a Hype fashion line of its own. It was kind of a frumpy home state clothing line (sorry Pendleton). Which is why Hype fashion and whatever it is, has gotten my attention the last few years. I will write about how I understand it today and how much more there is to learn ahead - all fun stuff! As fashion should be, I will also incorporate what brought me to Barkdorf and Dogman, Della! Fashion fun for our pups and life with them in clothes or nakey!

My falling into Hype or Street fashion goes like this - a couple of years ago I was flipping through one of the 8 fashion magazines I always look through and I see Victoria Beckham in a white tshirt with the words Supreme in bright red. I have a weakness for a good white tee, love the shade of red and Victoria Beckham does everything right regarding fashion, I think. So I want the tee she is wearing! But what is Supreme? Is it appropriate for me to wear? What does it mean? I learn it is Hypewear, Streetwear, Hypebeast, Hypebae - is this a brand? I had heard these terms a few years ago thinking they might be a trend that would go away before I had to worry about knowing what they may mean. Supreme, Off White, Stussy (remember that?) Babe, what and when? Then when I thought I had it down as just some new brands, I hear "collaboration" followed by Supreme with Louis Vuitton and that Nike introduced streetwear, Adidas has a streetwear line, same as Hype wear? I'm so confused. All I want is the tee Victoria Beckham is wearing, easy. I find the "Supreme Box Logo" tee sells for $800-$4500! Since I am not Victoria Beckham, I will not be the owner of a $4000 white tee lol.

Last Spring as I was shopping for clothing for Della, a new brand caught my eye. Barkdorf and Dogman, how fun is that? As a former Nordstrom employee and Bergdorf shopper, I found the play on words clever and inviting. I jumped on the site and saw pup white tees with the words Pupreme across the back looking suspiciously like the VB tee I was still thinking about. I also see a Barkdrof and Dogman tee shirt similar ro the tee that had popped up while trying to figure out why the Supreme tee was $4000, Anti Social Social Club? What? I'm confused, does Della want to wear what I'm hearing is Hypewear? Streetwear? I'm hearing that rappers wear a lot of streetwear, which is fine although I'm not that familiar with that world. I'm confused again and now it is a tee for Della!

I stay on the Barkdorf and Dogman site thinking I love the brand name and I want something from them. I ended up chatting with Sung (the founder of Barkdorf and Dogman), she invited Della to be an ambassador for her company (Really! My Della, we were thrilled). I then received 5 tees that are a parody of well known lines of Hypewear. What does this cute well made white tee Della is wearing mean? I find trends and why people buy and wear what they do, a very interesting study. Barkdorf and Dogman is offering such a fun new twist to clothes and goods for our pups! How so? As I'm learning the Hype Industry, it is all about fun, ones own style and enjoying fashion. Most Hype lines are well made, bright fun colors with a lot of play. Pricing all over the board. I can get the white VB tee for $12, that would be for fun, not collecting. Which is a completely other blog topic. 

In the weeks ahead, I will touch up on my learning of the fun Barkdorf and Dogman is providing for our pups! There is so much more to come! Hype Hoodies, Pawphora, Le Snackie Cookies, and Hype concept everything!

I will leave this this simple comparison I read of what Streetwear and or Hypewear are. In 1966 (before many of our time, but you will get the gist)  Yves Saint Laurent introduced a line of what he called "women's ready wear". This was meant to be just that, ready wear for women rather than couture, which was mainly what fashion was called then. This was a new big trend for the clothing industry, casual ready to wear fashion for everyday life. Consider Hypewear and Streetwear to be just that, fashion for our ever changing everyday lifestyle and a big trend that is here to stay.

Until next time, thanks for having Donuts with Della!


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