Donuts with Della - Blog 2

Donuts with Della - Blog 2

Hypewear and/or Streetwear - What and which is it ?

First, I am going to say that researching for this blog is proving to be dangerous. Now that the fashion of Hypewear and Streetwear is here to stay and in understanding it more, I am finding numerous pieces of clothing I want for both Della and myself ! So, back to what I need to know to make a decision as to what we can both wear and feel comfortable in.

Defining Hypewear and Streetwear, are they the same or different ? The definitions of both are diverse and endless. Which makes sense, fashion is just that, diverse and endless. They can be somewhat interchangeable. Hypewear is more of a specific fashion trend, Streetwear is more of a lifestyle.


Hype or what Hypewear states - Extravagant or intensive publicity often promoting and exaggerating its importance of benefits. Hypewear clothing conveys this.

Streetwear - Too many definitions to note, so here is the confusion again. I like: Constantly redefining itself so its difficult to define as its own thing. That is actually a definition?

What I'm choosing to pursue as appropriate for me and Della is what I will call modern or an updated Streetwear definition. Per Jeff Staple, famous for his collaboration with Nike and the release of the NYC Pigeon Dunk sneaker in 2005, a complete blog topic on its own! (along with what collaborations are in this realm) “I like to call it independently created stuff”. Or Edison Chen, founder of Clot that has collaborations with Nike and Levi, he defines Streetwear as being about lifestyle and culture. Edison calls it “the concert tour of life, streetwear is the merch”. That would again be similar to what Yves Saint Laurent introduced in 1966, “women's ready wear, casual ready to wear fashion for everyday life”. You could call that Streetwear, just a simpler 1966 definition. This makes wearing Streetwear seem very normal and inviting.

I have determined Streetwear is what I will be after for me. Hype I am not. As an introvert I prefer not to be extravagant or after publicity promoting and exaggerating the importance or showing off, lol. In that, Della is an extreme extrovert ! I can live vicariously through Della by putting her into something that screams “Im a HYPEPAWS” !!! (Hypepaws, a pup that wears Hype) The more promotion for attention something brings to her she is happy, bring it on! So we will bring on some Hypewear and Hype fun too!! Such as toys, dog collars and leashes along with culture fun such as the Seasonal Goodie Bags Barkdorf and Dogman offers now. Even Pokémon and Disney have Hype lines. Hype Mickey Mouse, Hype Elmo and there is even a “Streetwear Barbie Doll! Lifestyle fun while creating a lot of laughs and smiles.

Considering I have a closet full of “concert tours of life” items and Della is doing a good job of filling her closet, we will look into what we have today and will “independently create stuff” from what we have to wear. If you have a tee with words or plain white sneakers, a fun sweatshirt, hoodie, you too can call what you or your pup is wearing “Streetwear” or “Hypepaws”. Layering of old and new, finding pieces to add that are unique to you.

In the week ahead I'm going to go back into danger mode and do a bit of searching for Hypewear and Streetwear items we can add to our Christmas list, wardrobe or toy box-We will let you know what we find!

Thanks for having Donuts with Della again. If you ever have any questions or blog topic suggestions, feel free to dm or email us -

See you next week!



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  • Laurie McAfee

    I love Donuts with Della..Fun information on fashion for us and dogs. Can’t wait to read every week.

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