Donuts with Della - Blog 3

Donuts with Della - Blog 3


By Della’s Mom November 22, 2019

I hope some of you have noticed that more and more IG frenchies are showing off streetwear and hypewear. Makes perfect sense, it is colorful, creative and continues to be more understood and available to all gaining popularity everyday. I have seen some fun layering, pupreme items, leashes, harnesses, toys, gift bundles and stocking stuffers! My new find, Jeff Staples collaboration with Zee.Dog | Connecting Dogs and People. Staples definition of Streetwear/Hypewear continues to be my favorite “independently created stuff”.  

So let’s create some independent stuff! This blog addition will show examples of street and hype wear. I think you will see how easy and fun it is to put things together yourself.  Perhaps think about some layering, colorplay and label adds for a post this week or your own weekend wear. I will note some hashtags to use for pup hype posting at the end.

The Hype Tees!

As a Barkdorf and Dogman fan and shopper, most of you have seen and or have one of the five Hype tees that launched B&G last spring. The tees that got my attention from the get go, but caused me confusion not knowing what street and hypewear were. There will be more of this sort of fun to come from B&G in the future!

Next are examples of especially fashionable IG friends in streetwear!

Staples x 

Ponyo (Dellas half sister) gave Della the Jeff Staple Pigeon harness and leash! As I noted in the previous blog, Jeff Staples Nike Pigeon shoe from 2005 is famous, as is Jeff Staple. The famous pigeon logo harnesses have already sold out! But there are numerous other harnesses, leashes and collars finds on his site. The quality is top notch. Two standouts for safety. 4ft leashes. I only use 4ft leashes. Della and I are out on city streets most of the time, 6ft or 8ft leashes are too long for my comfort level, it is too easy for a dog to get in the street or off the sidewalk with a 6ft leash. Zeedog leashes also have a back-up safety on the hook, once you clip in the harness or collar,  you then tighten up the hook making it impossible to unhook on its own, a huge plus! 

Ponyo and her friends were fortunate enough to attend a Jeff Staple event, meet him and get some really fun photos! They are all wearing the Jeff Staple Pigeon harness and leash! Notice the tees too, gold chains - #Hypepaws!

Della showing hers off too!


I hope this sparked some ideas for putting together outfits ahead! Please tag @dellalafrench and or @barkdorfanddogman with any post or stories you would like us to see and share of you or your pup wearing “independently created stuff!”

Streetwear/Hypewear Hashtags: pawsomefrenchies #barkdorfhype #barkdorftwinning #barkdorf  #hypepaws #hypebae #hypebeast

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Special thanks to the following for letting me use your perfect pictures !

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