Donuts with Della - Blog 4

Donuts with Della - Blog 4


In reading up on the 2020 spring color pallets ahead, Tie Dye is going strong! It resurfaced less than a year ago on the runways of Prada, Calvin Klein and Dior, it's not going anywhere-yay!  Updated tie dye colors and swirls are the new showing. Thinking Della needs a fashion forward soft donut to carry about, I googled ‘Tie Dye” donut. Tie Dye donuts to dine on are very easy to find! No toys, yet.

Perhaps with Barkdorf and Dogmans new spring tee drop, which includes fun bright tie dye versions of one of our favorite logos “Anti Social Social Club”, they might add in a tie dye donut toy ! If there is one out there, BD will find it! 

I have discussed Supreme, streetwear and hype in the last few blogs. Those of you that own or have seen the BD 2019 drop, you are now familiar with “Anti Social Social Club” (and or ASSC) logo! It was one of those tees I happily received last spring from BD and thought, what the heck does this really mean, should Della wear it? lo. Does wearing something that says “antisocial” scream don’t come near us?  As a very social introvert, I found it as confusing as that definition of myself. Then there is Della! It's fun having her wear such a logo since she is the most social anything I’ve ever met. So, it's all fun! As streetwear is meant to be.

My wants for spring are now a bit of an updated tie dye piece for both me and Della along with BD tie dye lettering tees sporting the words “Anti Social Social Club”. 

As my norm, I wanted to read up a bit on the history of any words Della and I are going to wear out and about. The person behind the logo ASSC is Neek Lurk. He grew up in Las Vegas, which he describes as the worst place on earth. Obviously when reading up on him he did not enjoy his youth there or any social life to speak of as a teen. With a creative mind and one that wanted to grasp words for his feelings along with a fashion like, he tossed out such sayings as “get weird”, “mind games” and “I miss you” with his first attempts in clothing design. Lurk was after creating a life project for himself, not really after a successful brand or business. Then two famous sorts took to his words, Kim Kardashinion and Kayne West, once they sported a ball cap with those words his lifestyle for himself turned into a very big lifestyle for himself ! This is all in 2015, not that long ago. ASSC seems to have been the wording that grabbed the most attention and has been designed in dozens of colors and designs sinse. Collaborations with Dover Street Market and numerous others, including a Nike white sneaker with tiny the tiny lettering “Anti Social Social Club” that now sells for hundreds, I want. This spring, yes-ASSC in tie dye lettering !

Without going into topics I have no expertise in or are fun, as this blog is supposed to be :)  such as how tweens, teens and adults are said to struggle with social acceptance, happiness and loneliness. I do find putting out a logo that makes many in what I just mention feel as though it's fine to be social, not social, outgoing, introverted or all ! Which is why I'm certain Neek Lurks designs took off as they did. For me it's an updated version of Bill Gates declaring himself a “geek” and a “nerd” in 2010, as a good thing! Seemed to have worked out okay for him too.

So, in answer to my own question almost a year later, pre knowledge of what streetwear or hypewear was, I'm happy to now know not only do I like the logo “Anti Social Social Club’ I want to wear it and so does Della ! Toss in a bit of updated tie dye for this spring's fashion fun and we are set, and oh, a tie dye donut for Della ! 

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