Snuffle Mats & Toys

The snuffle mats and toys we provide here at Barkdorf & Dogman are meant to encourage fun play between pawrents and their pawfriends while also increasing their pawfriends’ mental capacity and confidence through nose work. “How can this possibly be?” you ask. Well, the trick is all in the game! When you hide a treat in one of our plush toys, you are taking it out of your pawfriend’s vision. Upon being visually deprived, your pawfriend begins to use other senses to find the treat. When your pawfriend finds the treat, he/she is rewarded for using his/her sense of smell. This is a very empowering moment for your pawfriend, because he/she was able to, through his/her own choices, accomplish his/her mission!

Nose work exercises are a well known way of encouraging pawfriends to use their sense of smell, which, in turn, increases their confidence. Some benefits of teaching pawfriends nose work include:
Giving your dog mental stimulation

Physical exercise

Building your pawfriend’s confidence in his/her other senses

Reducing anxiety

Provides your dog with a goal to accomplish

Fun way for pawrents to bond with their beloved pets