hulk and beanie

Barkdorf & Dogman was born while we were trying to choose clothes for our Frenchie, Hulk.

Since Hulk was a puppy, he loved clothes. He loved to dress up, he loved to use our hoodies as his bed and blanket. If we took his clothes off, he would get very pupset, and throw a Hulk sized tantrum!  We hoomans work with hype clothes, and always wanted to dress Hulk up in the clothes we work with, wear, and love. 

From that desire to twin with our fashion obsessed boy, we created Barkdorf & Dogman: A parody line of clothes based on the hype pieces us humans know and love.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, we lost Hulk to aspiration pneumonia on April 19, 2019.  Our hearts are broken knowing Hulk was not able to see the launch of the brand that he inspired. That is why we dedicate our brand to Hulk. We want to celebrate his love for life and fashion through Barkdorf & Dogman. His brother, Beanie, is here to help carry on Hulk's fashion legacy. We hope you enjoy our adventure, and join us in celebrating Hulk’s life by wearing the clothing that he inspired.

We love and miss you, Hulk.