Front Line Heroes Fundraiser

Hello friends. We are joining forces with Shop FBL & Big Puppin Threads to host a fundraiser to donate PPE Supplies to frontline workers.

2020 has been a crazy year thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected not just us, but the entire world. New York and New Jersey have been hit especially hard, and the most updated information states that over 320,000 people between those two states have contracted the virus.

As we stay safe by remaining at home, we ask that you join us to help create PPE kits containing supplies which are FDA and OSHA approved. The kits will be donated to front line workers in some of the most severely infected cities of New York and New Jersey. We are donating directly to the workers – the doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, security teams, and others - who are putting themselves at risk every day in order to keep us safe.

So far, thanks to everyone's help, we have been able to donate 50 kits to the heroes working to keep us safe. Each kit contains the following items:

· 20 KN 95 masks

· 1 box of medical gloves

· 1 box of alcohol pads

· 25 packs of sanitizer

· 1 meal (meals are donated to locations which allow us to deliver food)

Our goal is to put together and deliver as many kits as possible, but these kits do have a cost of between $164 to $198 apiece. Cost breakdown is as follows:

· 1 mask $4.50-$6.00

· 1 box of gloves $9-$13

· 1 pack of sanitizer $2.50

· 1 box of alcohol rub $2.50.

Your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Each dollar adds up, and your contribution will protect something that is priceless – human lives. Most of the kits have been donated to workers in New York and New Jersey, but requests for kits to be sent to front line workers in other areas can be submitted to us via Instagram or email. 


For your donation we will send a thank you gift for the following amounts: (PLEASE DM OR EMAIL US THAT YOU HAVE DONATED SO WE CAN SEND YOU THE GIFTS)

- $25: Le Snackies Small, Shop FBL sticker

- $50: Le Snackies Small, Shop FBL sticker, Shop FBL pin

- $75: Le Snackies Medium, Shop FBL Tote, sticker, Big Puppin Face Mask

- $100: Le Snackies Medium, Shop FBL Tote, sticker, pin, Big Puppin Face Mask

- $150: Le Snackies Large, Shop FBL Tote, sticker, pin, Big Puppin Face Mask, Barkdorf & Dogman Tshirt

- $200: Le Snackies Large, Shop FBL Tote, sticker, pin, BP Face Mask, Barkdorf & Dogman Tshirt, Supreme upcycled undies

Updates and photos will be posted to our Instagram for those who are interested.

Instagram - @barkdorfanddogman


We currently track the Covid 19 information through -
Thank you for your contribution, for staying safe at home, and for washing your damned hands.