Helping Pawfriends

While Barkdorf & Dogman is all about hype fashion, we also want to
help those in our pawfriend community. We learned how important the
support of this community is when we lost Hulk to a sudden illness,
and again years later when Ponyo needed surgery and a spine
assessment. The pawfriend community was there for us, and we want to
pay it forward.

These pawfriends need support if you are able to help:

Lexi (IVDD Surgery & Physical Therapy) (Instagram @frenchienamedmoses)
- Go Fund Me:
 Bossam (IVDD Surgery & Physical Therapy)(Instagram @kalbithefrenchie)
- Go Fund Me:

Chloe & Zander (Cancer Treatments) (Instagram @chloe_and_cricket_thefrenchies)
- Go Fund Me:

We understand that times are rough, so send them your support, share,
like, and if you can, visit their Go Fund Me links. Donations are
beyond meaningful to these wonderful families.